1. Adulthood
  2. Another way
  3. For the people
  4. Community
  5. Jah patience
  6. Let loose
  7. Never fear
  8. Petite agneau
  9. Sure & Sure
  10. The mental mess
  11. Where do we go from here?


What is it with adults?
Them spoiling all the fun
What is it that them teaching?
Something went all wrong.

In the mind of the children where we still belong.
This playground is still amazing magic and wonder
Playful creatures blazing a universal song
Send the right itches to teach us our own innocence
Playing is for the richer in a higher sense of norm
What is it with adults?
Them loading up their guns
Fighting over evil is just what they've become
In the middle of this riddle lives something very strong

Another way

They're talking about peace and justice
but in a language I can't understand
throwing bombs and the deathtoll is rising
come on, let's find another way
I see confusion in your eyes
where are the flowers instead of the guns?
Bullets cannot fix what is broken
you and i know there's another way

Come on let's find another way
let's shine a brighter light
because I & I know
there's a better way
so let me reach for your hand
give me welcome into your heart
let us try to understand
we can share every part
they're talking about hatred and war
but all these words they repel from our minds
create positive thoughts
let us heal all of our scars

For the people

Sunny aftermoon coming to you soo
guaranteed to make you fall over and swoo
hit you like a ton of brick
with all our fancy picks and licks and trick
that'll mess with your min
but i'm sure you're gonna fin
we don't leave anybody behin
we don't need no church or steepl
cuz sunny aftermoon, we're for the peopl

verse tw

ooh oo
let me tell y'all somethin
we create that noise that'll make your head spi
spit rhymes like black holes that'll cave ya head i
we bring the voice of a generatio
that don't belong to any particular natio
we just wanna give yo
some positive vibratio
hope it leads to ecstatic elatio
and now..
i'ma let these mofos do they than
we don't need no church or steeple
'cause Sunny After Moon is for the people


You say I live on the edge
but it's there that the view is the best
and you say that i am a poor man
but i do the best that i can
to look at the world as it is
and make this life a pure bliss
so come join our community
and can't you see all this misery
lay down your envy, fear and jealousy
come see material relativity
and the answers will come in your community
so come join our community

I mean this in a bigger way
Global friendship but that's easy to say
so let's try to unite for a peaceful day
so we can grow old in a peaceful way

Runnin away by Bob Marley (Sunnified version)

so come join our community

Jah patience

In the evening train,
back home I was remembering my day in the evening train,
back home I was smoking a joint BACK HOME!
In the evening train,
back home I was drifting to sleep in the evening train,
back home I was dreaming away...
all about Jah Patience,
because it brings luck yeah Jah Patience
it brings love Oh Jah Patience it brings life
Jah Patience

Let loose

Depression is a motherfucker
but please don't feel like a sucka
if you're suffering, can't do a thing
not finding the strength to begin anything
talking is hard enough already,
let alone sing
I know it's tough to get out of that hole,
what a struggle it is to heal your soul
the void won't fill with sex and drugs
so why not try some rock n roll
let the music in your mind
and regain some self control
good days, bad days, I feel oh so sad days
trying to change our ways so we can get out of this haze
wrecking the brain, wanna get rid of this pain
wondering who's to blame for this world that's gone insane
put some colour in this monochrome
that's made it's home in our dome
if you no longer wanna feel alone
let this sound astound
and just get you in the zone

gotta gotta, get in the groove
gotta gotta get up and move
gotta... let loose!
Screw this anxiety
I wanna live stressfree
be the best me that I can ever be
no more growing pains
just growing and flowing
cause you're never all-knowing
of your fate, but it's never too late
to find your own pace
in this ever changing place
compassion's not a weakness
it's our saving grace
so live and let live
Love and let love
We all dream while looking at the stars above

Never fear

Never fear
never fear your situation or your confrontation
roll with the punches go with the flow
discovering yourself is the way to go
when you hit the wall stumble and fall
pick yourself up and grab life by the balls

Petit Agneau

Petit Agneau ami de la terre je ne sais pad si tu l'as vu
d'un côté il y a l'élité, de l'autre les perdus
ces pauvres petits gens ne doivent pas faire fausse route
c'est pourquoi les dirigents ont choisis la méthode forte
surtout ne reflechit pas trop, mon petit agneau
nait, travail et guarde la santé
ainsi tu vas pouvoir contribuer
l'empire s'eteint, l'ideologie domine
celle du capitale et de la loi fiscale
alors mes frères, reflechissons plus loin
est-ce que les commerçants nous veulent vraiment du bien
pour eux c'est un jeu, une competition
d'hypocrisie et de conspiration
dictature de l'argent, ou sont les vrai valeurs/voleurs
mais demain,
un autre jour se lève
pouvons nous faire honneur a l'évolution
c'est aujourd'hui que nous avons le choix
entre le désert et la reforestation
ne perds pas espoir,
on est l'humanité

Sure & Sure

when the people start conquering
trouble in battle livin it up from within
seeing through this fussin and the fightin
we're all connected in oblivion
and the dominance will never win
it's doomed to destruction and confusionin
illusion not seein that we're choosin
our life is built up from that simple thing
give it some love and come tune in
listen to your feeling and start trembling
hairgrow, bodyflow, DNA is all restructuring
and of this i'm getting more sure & sure
so give it some love and come tune in....
on a mountain full of hope
i saw a reggeaman on the road
chillin out in nature havin a smoke
he told me don't you worry
don't you mope
things are easier than you've been told
keep your eyes open when you go with the flow
and realize what you already know

The Mental Mess

How would I define me I just don't know
But I know we are the same
And in naming life, there is no gain
no there is no gain
so living through what is not, we bring it down
to the fact imagination is
is ever powerful, so live your dreams or die
just be grateful
for the beggar sees a way out
but prefers the discomfort
of what yesterday was all about
In empathy it's easy to be misleaded
and he who works also needs it
to be reminded of the ever possibility
of the new day
that there is and always must be a way
to clear our conciousness
to clear out, the mental mess
_ this mental mess
making it hard to access
all these twisted thoughts
flying round in my head
so please let me know
how i can make it flow
uninhibited, yeah i got to let things go
there is and always must be a way
to clear our conciousness
to clear out the mental mess

Where do we go from here?

Them 1% got 90% of money
we dig in the shade while they're up where it's sunny
but we don't need no money ain't that funny
just need good vibes and music to keep us running


So tell me this, tell me this where do we go from here
can we make this world a better place before we disapear
the truth is in the eye of the beholder
so keep living this life it ain't over
Until it's over!!
Imagine this, we all get the same resources
no more inequality and nobody to force us
to do something that breaks down our spirit
revolution is coming, cant you can't you hear it


only one solution
musical revolution
cuz you don't even live by your own constitution
so don't call me a criminal
I've done nothing wrong
but you can't see the truth no more because you're too far gone